Bathroom Confessions: Shaving #02


Somersets – Shaving Oil for Women (£10/35ml)


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What Somersets says:

Wherever you need to shave, this will enable the razor to glide over your skin, enabling you to shave very closely without nicks or razor burn.

Ideal for use in the shower or bath. No chemicals to irritate or dry out your skin.

With continued use this unique formulation of pure Essential Oils will soften the hair and moisturise your skin beyond expectation. The Aloe Vera soothes any razor burn. It leaves your skin refreshed and silky smooth.

What I say:

I really like the idea of using a shaving oil and I have to say my legs felt softer than usual after shaving. However, the essential oils used in this product were quite intense and whenever I open the bottle I could feel it in my nose and eyes. If I wasn’t careful and used my hands on my face afterwards, my skin would burn and feel irritated for a little while. It is said to be for the bikini line as well, but I wouldn’t dare using it there due to it’s very tingly feeling that possibly would only cause irritation. Another issue with the oil is that it does clunk up my razor more than a normal shaving gel would. Now I would be happy to accept that given that my legs were so smooth, but the ingredients with so many essential oil are just not for me. I won’t repurchase this and rather look for some alternatives, like the following:

Ingredients [Codecheck]:

Hybrid vegetable Oil, Menthol, Fragrance, Aloe Vera, French Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Corianda Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Rosemary OIl, Ylang Ylang, Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil

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