Some thoughts on… Cruelty-free Cosmetics I – My Journey

I thought it is about time to write a post about my thoughts on cruelty-free cosmetics and what my personal stance is. It always was and always will be a controversial topic where many people voice their opinion in a very emotional way. Although I understand why people feel it is a very important topic to talk about, I think everybody has the right to their own opinion and we should respect when somebody has different thoughts than ourself. I think I will make a little series out of this, so today I want to talk a bit about my own journey and what is important to me. This being said, let’s start this post properly.

My journey

I started buying lots of cruelty free products a long time ago, though not on a regular basis, but because I enjoyed natural products and they often were cruelty free as well. When I started become more and more interested in makeup I started questioning the products I bought. Like most of you I usually bought everything in the drugstore from big and well known brands. As much as I like makeup and cosmetics in general, I feel the majority of them are luxury products that I could live without them (although I obviously prefer not to). Hence, I asked myself why animals should suffer for my personal luxury of applying makeup or take care of my body. More recently I decided that I also want to make sure that I use vegan products, although I am not a vegan myself, but for my cosmetics I do not see why there should be any animal ingredients included. Surely there must be alternatives.

Ever since I started the journey of looking into animal testing and cruelty-free products and it is a continuous journey, which isn’t always pleasant. You will find out that some brands you always liked are conducting animal testing and you will learn that not everything is at it seems. It is a journey of learning new things every day and realising that we cannot be perfect, even if we wish to be. You will buy products that later on you regret because you learned more about the brand or the product itself. That brings me to the point though that I believe we should try to be as good as we can, meaning that we shouldn’t hate others for using the ‘wrong’ thing, but rather educate each other, as it is hard enough to know if a brand/product is cruelty-free or vegan and the like. In the end of the day we have to decide which brand we trust and believe that they tell us the truth and provide transparent information to their customers.

I linked below a really good video on the topic by xoLoveLeti, which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the topic as well:

But there are no products

Calm down, there are plenty new products for you to discover, and you will be surprised to find great stuff in your local drugstore as well. In the upcoming posts I collected some information to help you getting started. I will cover topics like body- and haircare, makeup (-brushes) and nail polish as well as cleaning products. The posts will include information about products I have tried as well as brands that I think are interesting. I hope you will find this helpful. I am looking forward to your comments to let me know if you tried any of the brands/products and what you think about the series in general.

More information:

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