Nyx: Cruelty-free no more

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Picture by Mike Richardson (https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeeshowbiz/)

NYX Cosmetics will continue to operate out of their Los Angeles headquarters under the brand’s current leadership team. The brand will become part of the Consumer Products Division of L’Oréal. This acquisition further enhances L’Oréal’s roster of American brands which includes Maybelline NY, Kiehl’s, Essie, Urban Decay and Clarisonic. (L’oreal – Press Release)

Our pending acquisition does not change NYX’s commitment to being 100% cruelty-free and PETA certified. You will continue to get the 100% cruelty-free products you’ve always loved at great prices. NYX proudly stands behind our brand commitment to not test any of our raw materials or finished products on animals. Thank you for standing with us and supporting NYX Cosmetics. (Source: NYX Facebook)

Already in June last year, NYX has been bought by L’Oréal, but I just read about it yesterday. NYX has been one of those affordable brands that continuously promoted cruelty-free products. Now, I know that being bought by L’Oréal doesn’t mean they won’t continue to sell cruelty-free products, but I believe that buying NYX will from now on also benefit L’Oréal, whose animal testing policies I don’t agree with. I know that some people disagree with this and think we should continue to buy NYX to show L’Oréal that we want to buy cruelty-free products and change their mind (see article below as well). I for one believe that if L’Oréal really wanted to be cruelty-free, they could promote this matter and not simply bend to regulations where needed. I decided to not buy any The Body Shop or Urban Decay products either in the past as L’Oreal purchased them. So, sadly I will not buy any new NYX products anymore although I think they have some great stuff for great prices, such as their Jumbo Eye Pencils and lip liners.

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  1. It is so sad, I know there is a site where there are brands listed that are cruelty free but I’ve ntoiced they take time to update it. Coukd you maybe do a post on the cruelty free brands you know? it woyld be grate! I’m from méxico and here I think 90% of mexican makeup brands are cruelty free and they are suck an amazing quality! I don’t get wy they have to test in animals. I’d really appreciate it if you could do the post about the brands =) or mmaybe some indie makeuo copanies? I’ve tried buying idnie brands because they are cruelty free and they are good quality too

    1. I am planning a more general post on the topic at the moment where I will mention some brands that I believe are cruelty-free and good quality. I have several posts on indie brands on the blog, however I haven’t tried that many myself yet. The posts I made were also to inform myself about what is even available on the market. 🙂 Once I tried some more products I will share them on the blog of course. Are there any Mexican brands you would reccomend and that deliver worldwide?

      1. Hi! Thank you for replying. Currently I don’t think you can purchase directly form the site because they only have nationa shipping. In case one day you come to México I recommend_: Bissú, Adara, Alarga, Uña Maravilla, Gelden, Nirvana (and many others). Those brands are SO SO SO SOOOO GOOOD! If you really want to try their makeup you cna look for resellers online or even I woyld be happy to send it to you (not trying to be creepy but i think it sounds like that anyway). I’ll wait for your post! Thank you so much

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