Brand Impression: Illamasqua


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This make-up brand, that empowers people to express their individuality, has been making a scene in London since its launch in November 2008. The product of a heady mix of influences; from its roots in the dark and illicit 1920s Berlin club scene, to a rich heritage in the manufacture of make-up for film and theatre, Illamasqua takes its inspiration from members of the ‘alternative scenes’ for whom self-expression is paramount. Champions of creativity and fighting against injustice wherever we go, our highly-pigmented, long lasting products provide consumers and make-up artists alike with the products and inspiration to ensure they can express themselves, whoever they are and whatever look they want to achieve.

I’m a bit of a punk rocker at heart and I felt like there needed to be a new brand to stir up the market. I’m a brand builder and my proximity to make-up is more through youth culture. In the very early days when I sat there with a blank piece of paper thinking about Illamasqua, I always remember writing that this brand had to give women the permission to wear make-up loud, proud and bolder than they ever have done. I certainly came into the make-up sector with the intent to revitalise it and take artistry to the next level. For my role, I never had any intention to direct a look, but rather inspire it. (Julian Kynaston)

Illamasqua (a combination of ‘Illusion’ and ‘Masquerade’) is the brainchild of Yorkshire marketing guru Julian Kynaston who, without any previous experience in the world of makeup, launched the brand to reflect his passion for all things subcultural. (The Guardian, 2011)

Illamasqua is ‘make-up for your alter ego’. We are a truly professional, night-time brand that stands for self-expression, and empowerment. Our purpose is to give customers the confidence and the know-how to unleash their personal alter egos through their make-up. (

What I say:

You might have noticed by now that I like Illamasqua products. In terms of colourful makeup they do offer a range of great products that you will not find in the drugstore. The quality of all products I have tried so far is good to very good. I love matte lipsticks and they have great variety of them in their range. The nail polishes have been one of the few that last a couple of days on my nails without chipping. I usually buy from Illamasqua when they have a sale on, which is a couple of times a year, where you will be able to pick up products often for half the price.

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