Checkitout #14: Keiko Lynn


How long have you been blogging/what made you start this blog? I’ve actually been blogging since I was in high school, back in Open Diary days. I then went on to LiveJournal, and a little over two years ago, I switched to this current blog. I got into a rut and started wearing pajamas almost every day, since I work from home. It made me depressed. I started this blog to motivate me to get dressed up daily, which boosts my mood and helps me concentrate/wake up. It became much more than that, and I am extremely grateful. (FAQ)

Keiko Groves is a style blogger, an indie fashion designer and a makeup guru. She attends fashion shows and has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics. But she doesn’t consider herself to be part of the fashion industry. Fashion is just a way of being herself. (The Eclecticist: Keiko Lynn on Thrifting, Makeup and Keeping Her Blog Personal)

Image by Keiko (Give me a K!)

Image by Keiko (Give me a K!)

I love Keiko’s mix of new and old clothes and just am amazed by the high quality of her pictures. Her makeup always seems so flawless and she actually has some nice tutorials on how to achieve it. I highly recommend you to go and have a look at her channels, you will not regret it.

Image by Kiko (Makeup Monday: Blackheart)

Image by Kiko (Makeup Monday: Blackheart)


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