S.W. Basics Lip Balm in Cinnamon


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What SW Basics says:

We hate sticky, waxy lips just as much as dry and cracked ones. That’s why we designed our S.W. Basics Certified Organic Lip Balms to soak in and heal without leaving behind any leftover stuff. And since we use only the absolutely essential ingredients for all of our products, there’s nothing going on your mouth that shouldn’t be going in your mouth.

USDA Organic certified by Oregon Tilth

What I say:

A nice lip balm that when applied almost feels like melted butter, which is ok, but not my personal favourite. I am a fan of thicker consistencies. I love the cinnamon scent of it though. The short ingredients list with organic and fair trade components is brilliant.

Ingredients [Codecheck]:

Cocoa butter*°, Extra-virgin coconut oil*, Candelilla wax, Essential oils* (In citrus, cinnamon, and peppermint options.)

°Fair Trade

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