Mineral Makeup Foundation: Comparison

After having tried mineral makeup of four different brands over the last couple of months I would like to compare the different products and give you my thoughts on them. At the bottom of the post I linked you the previous articles again.


  1. 01 Lily Lolo – Concealer in Barely Beige
  2. 02 Everyday Minerals – Jojoba Base in Alabaster
  3. 03 Honeypie Minerals – Light Foundation
  4. 04 Beautiful Movements – Mineral Foundation in Fairy Glow
  5. 05 Lily Lolo – Mineral Foundation in China Doll

I find it pretty hard to capture these foundations in an image, but what the hell, I’ve tried. What the picture above shows well I think, is the difference in the finish of these foundations. I enjoyed wearing 03 and 04 the most as they make my skin look very dewy and natural and not as matte and cakey as some foundations do. I wear a powder on top of my foundation all the time to make it stay in place. Most of the time it is Alverde’s Mineral Loose Powder Transparent that I reviewed before.

mineralmakeup comparison

I never realised before that the Everyday Minerals foundation is more expensive than the other ones. They do have the largest range of shades available, however, I have read online a couple of times that they tend to change the formulation of their products and the shade names as well. This could get annoying if you have found your perfect shade and then it is discontinued all of a sudden. In fact, when I looked at their website today I could not find the shades that I have been using. I like the product, there is nothing wrong with it, but I find myself grabbing for the other mineral foundations more often. I think it has the lightest coverage of all the tested products and is probably best for someone who usually would wear a BB Cream or similar and likes a natural look.

If you are looking for a full coverage foundation I think Lily Lolo is your best bet. You have to be careful though not to apply too much product at once, as it can look a bit chalky then. The finish is very matte and last throughout the day. This was the first mineral foundation I ever tried and I was really surprised how much I liked it back then. Nowadays I have to admit I personally prefer the ones from Honeypie Minerals and BM Beauty.

When checking the Honeypie Minerals website today there were no samples available anymore. I am not sure if that is just the case at the moment or if they decided to stop sending out samples completely. That would be a shame though, because although their sample packaging is not my favourite, samples are so helpful in deciding which shade to go for and if the formulation suits your skin. Nevertheless, this is a great foundation when you like a medium to full coverage foundation as it is very buildable. I like the way this foundation wears throughout the day and that it evens out my skin and looks very natural doing so.

[Update: 03.02.2015]

I like the BM Beauty foundation when I want to achieve a more dewy, healthy look with my foundation. When I go out and want a flawless look, I know I can rely on this product. The biggest downfall with BM Beauty’s foundation p-;is the very small colour range and not everybody will find a suitable shade. It wears well throughout the day and I don’t feel like wearing heavy makeup at all, which is something I tend to get with liquid foundations.

Overall I think that BM Beauty, Honeypie Minerals and Lily Lolo are all very affordable and great products. I think the ingredients of all four brands are really good and I feel very safe using them. All of the foundations are easy to blend and wear well during the day. Personally, I think I will re-purchase Honeypie Minerals and BM Beauty as full size products.

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