Bathroom Confessions – PureChimp [Updated]

pure chimp


What PureChimp says:

PureChimp is based in Cambridgeshire. The company was founded in 2013. Our research has shown that lots of people with great skin adopt a natural approach.

Our idea is based on the belief that tops tips, 100% natural super foods and 100% natural skin care products with carefully selected ingredients, will help you to get the skin you want. We sell only 100% natural products. These products are also suitable for vegans.

The business has grown from strength to strength thanks to the famous super cream and super tea. We are currently in talks with a future major retailers. We hope to bring PureChimp to your favourite retail shop soon.

First impression:

pure chimp

[Original text 30.09.2014]

Some samples of their products can be ordered for £1 each. I decided to get their (1) super body cream, (2) super face cleanser, (3) super face cream and (4) super tea (a.k.a matcha green tea). As the second sample was missing a label I wrongly assumed it was also the super body cream. When I opened it I was therefore quite confused about its consistency and not quite sure how to use it. Only when I then researched about the products and checked my order confirmation I realised it must be the cleanser. 😀 But now on to the products.

[Update 23.10.2014]

Pure Chimp announced a new scent for their products in their latest newsletter:

We listened to your feedback

We changed the smell of our entire skin care range. All products now have a mouthwatering ripe banana smell enhanced by hints of creamy vanilla.

We carefully selected the new ingredient to make sure our 100% natural skin care products are still also suitable for sensitive skin.

[Update 20.01.2015]

After Pure Chimp announced that they worked on their products and changed the smell of their product line I had to get more samples and see for myself how they changed. When I ordered my samples the Body Cream wasn’t available, so I only tested the Face Cream and Face Cleanser again.

Face Cream

[Original text 30.09.2014]

When I first opened this I was presented with a very rich cream that reminded me a little of very thick honey with little pieces in it. The smell is not exactly nice, but I like the short and natural ingredients list, so I decided to give it a go anyways. My face tends to be very sensitive and dry around my nose, the rest is usually more oily (depending on the time of the year as well). My impression is that the cream sits on the skin and takes some time to sink in completely. Together with makeup I find it too rich for myself. I could see myself using this more as a night cream in order to moisturise my skin and could imagine purchasing the full size for that purpose.

[Update 20.01.2015]

The smell of the face cream definitely improved, I would now describe it as ripe bananas. Unfortunately I personally do not like the smell of ripe bananas, so I still don’t love the scent. Nevertheless, I really do like the product and the smell doesn’t linger on for too long and I am still thinking about getting the full size to use as a night cream. The rating for the product stays the same.


Ingredients: Hemp Wax, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Banana Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil

Face Cleanser

[Original text 30.09.2014]

The consistency of this product is a bit unusual… it feels like dough in your hand. Once you have it under water you can spread it over your face and you will have little balls to exfoliate your face. It smells of bananas and generally a lot better than the creams. 😉 I am not sure if I could see a massive improvement on my skin when using it, but it also did not make anything worse. I think I would need the full size product in order to use it for a longer time to be able to say more about its benefits or shortcomings. Overall a nice product and if you are very conscious about the ingredients of your cleansers, this might be the right one for you.

And this is where the real magic happened! Scraping out a small almond size amount in my hand, I followed the instructions and lathered it up with some warm water. The thick, playdough paste then transformed into a smooth milky cleansing liquid which began to smell much nicer. The main ingredients of banana extract, almonds, dried marigold and extra virgin olive oil made a really natural moisturiser; whilst the kaolin clay seemed to really cleanse deeply. It felt pretty smooth on the skin, with a few lumps remaining which scrubbed away at my dry skin. (Source: A lazy girl goes Green: Super Cleanser)


[Update 20.01.2015]

I think I liked this cleanser better the second time around. I am impressed with the small ingredients list and how it makes my skin feel soft and clean after I’ve used the product. I think the smell changed only slightly for this product, my impression is that it does smell a bit sweeter than the last time around, but very pleasant. Overall I think I will upgrade the rating to four stars, as it is a nice product with, in my opinion, one of the best ingredients list out there.


Ingredients: Ground Almonds, Kaolin Clay, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Banana Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Dried Marigold

Body Cream

[Original text 30.09.2014]

Some parts of my legs and arms tend to get very dry and irritated, so I was looking forward to see if the body cream would actually help with that. So far none of the products I used made a lasting impression on me in that regard. Though none of the products in my routine lately have made it any worse, they also didn’t help to make it any better. When opened I was presented with a rather thick cream that was a bit more difficult to spread than your average body lotion. For that reason I don’t think it would ever replace a body lotion in my routine, yet I felt it did soothe and moisturise my skin really well! I think I will get the full size in order to use it only on the parts of my body that need some extra care.


Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Hemp Wax, Banana Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil

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