Mineral Makeup Brands Pt. 3 – US Summary

Previously I had summarised my impressions on the mineral makeup brands available in the UK and today its time to look at the US companies I have presented over the last couple of weeks. You can find the links to the individual posts on the bottom of this post. Now I would like to summarise some of the main points to help you making a decision, which brand suits your needs the best. Personally I have only tried Everyday Mineral’s foundation so far and liked it. A separate post on the foundations I have tried will follow in the nearby future. In terms of companies that offer mineral eyeshadows I have bought a set of Concrete Mineral eyeshadows a while back and swatched them here on the blog. I was very impressed by the quality of the eyeshadows and they have become a staple in my makeup routine very quickly. I am pretty sure that I will buy some more products from Concrete Minerals.

Overall I would say that Everyday Minerals is the most known company and therefore it is probably the easiest to find their products and reviews online. Particularly for Earth Diva Cosmetics and Eve Mineral Cosmetics I found it a lot more difficult to find useful swatches and reviews online.

Product Range:



Outstanding so far is the amount of mineral makeup companies with a strong focus on eyeshadows in the US (see the second table above in particular). Several brands such as Concrete Minerals, Fyrinnae and Tick Tock Cosmetics are well known for their extensive range of eyeshadows, from loose to pressed, from matte to glitter, there is a company to suit your needs. Gourmet Body Treat, Silk Naturals and Youngblood Cosmetics have the most extensive product range, Sweetpea and Fay and Tick Tock Cosmetics on the other end focusing on lip and eye products only.


Find below a list of ingredients for those companies that offer foundation in their product range. us_ingredients


Youngblood Minerals has the shortest list of ingredients, which I find quite impressive. They are followed by Earth Diva Cosmetics, Eve Mineral Cosmetics and Gourmet Body Treats with a clearly laid out ingredients list. Both, Earth Diva Cosmetics and Ever Mineral Cosmetics, as well as Geek Chic Cosmetics also avoid a bunch of ingredients known to be irritants.


All companies are cruelty free and all of them are offering at least some vegan products, the majority of them even being completely vegan. None of the companies offers halal products as far as I am aware. Apart from a few exceptions, the brands I looked at offer sample sizes, usually from their foundation, some of their eyeshadows as well. That is a great option if you are not sure which shade of foundation you need for example.


Price wise Geek Chic is very impressive, with their products being around £4.00-£6.00 only. Gourmet Body Treats and Youngblood Cosmetics are certainly more on the high end of mineral makeup, going up to £37.00. Generally my impression is that Aromaleigh Cosmetics, Everyday Minerals and Silk Naturals offer a great range of foundation shades to their customers, however they are being topped by Youngblood Cosmetics with 47 and Meow Cosmetics with incredible 85 shades of foundation.


For the brands that don’t offer foundation, Fyrinnae is probably one of the most hyped indie companies, yet offers a great value for the price of their products. I think all of the above brands offer products at a really affordable price though.

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