essie Nailpolishes


I really was impressed with the quality of essie nail polishes when I first tried them and penny talk and decadent dish are two of my favourite polishes ever. They usually last several days on my nails without looking too chipped. I am also a fan of their wide brush. What I don’t like about the polishes is the size. In general I would prefer if it would be possible to buy smaller sizes of nailpolish, because it is almost impossible to get through one colour if you are a nail polish lover like me. I would prefer to repurchase a colour and thus also make sure I get a new polish that hasn’t been stored in my stash for three years or so. essie nailpolishes are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free. As essie belongs to L’oréal I decided to not purchase any more colours in the future though.

If you are looking for essie swatches, have a look at Ommorphia’s Beauty Bar, she has beautifully photographed swatches.image



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