Beauty things I suck at

On Sharon’s channel I saw the “Beauty Things I Suck At” Video, which was really funny. I don’t know where the tag originated, but there are loads more videos to be found on Youtube. So now I decided to make my own non-video version of the tag. 🙂

Plucking my eyebrows


(Photo credits: Melissa Segal)

I do pluck my eyebrows, however only a little bit, as first of all, I find it painful, and second of all, I feel that my hair is just stubborn. I like thick and natural eyebrows, but there are always this few hairs that are out of place but it seems impossible to get rid of them!

You can find a Brows 101 at The Beauty Department.

Applying false lashes


(Photo credits: Linda Brand)

I know, I know… there are many tutorials explaining how easy it is to apply lashes (see Beautylish for example). I also bought some that are self-adhesive so that I don’t have to bother applying the glue first. Then I bought this Bourjois Lash Tweezers, but still… I am completely incapable of applying them properly and usually I give up quickly, because I get too impatient with myself. 🙂

Styling my hair


I just cannot make a proper hairstyle, no matter how many times I watch tutorials. Even the easiest tricks seem not to work on my hair, or maybe I am just having two left hands. On a daily basis I therefore usually just put my hair into a simple knot in the back of my head.

Bebexo has some really nice hair tutorials on Youtube. Also on the Pixiwoo Madness channel you will find a new series called Super Hair Sunday, which are really nice.

Washing my makeup brushes


(Photo credits: becca.peterson26)

Ever since I started using brushes to apply makeup I have started a small collection. One of the reasons why this is collection is ever growing is that I hate washing them! The more brushes I have, the longer in between I have to do a washday. Well, at least in theory this solves my problem, until I realise once again, that this approach obviously means I have to wash more and more brushes each time… *sigh*


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