How much is too much?

Recently I have been investigating cruelty-free alternatives to conventional makeup and body care products. As I spend quite a lot of money for these products I would like to know what I spend my money for.

However, it is not as easy to decide which brands to choose. Of course, I would like my products to be cruelty-free. But is it enough that the company I am buying from states that they do no animal testing? Nowadays it is quite common practice for big enterprises to take over the smaller ones and thus collect good selling brands. There has been quite some controversy last year, when Urban Decay announced they are being taken over by L’Oreal. The same happened to The Body Shop in 2006, yet there are rumours of Lush being interested in buying The Body Shop now. So what does this mean? If I buy from a brand like The Body Shop who promotes their products as being cruelty-free my money still goes to L’Oreal who does not follow the same standards.

Further, it is rather difficult to stay up-to-date with all the regulations as well as with company’s policies. For myself I have decided now to use up the product I still have currently and if I purchase new ones try to find those that are cruelty-free (and also their parent company does not engage in animal testing). I think, in the end what counts is to make an informed decision and trying to do the best you can. It is impossible to always do everything right and there is no point in beating yourself up about it.

Here are some websites that could help you find products that are cruelty-free:


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